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Jun 21, 2024

In collaboration with TRACTO Australia, Adtech Contracting is advancing its horizontal directional drilling capabilities on a river crossing project in Seymour, Victoria.

Marking a significant milestone in its commitment to innovation and excellence in telecommunications construction, Adtech Contracting purchased the GRUNDODRILL ACS130 from TRACTO Australia. The acquisition of the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rig underscores Adtech Contracting’s vision to enhance its capabilities and broaden its service offerings.

“It’s a state-of-the-art machine and is very versatile,” Adtech Contracting director Adam Vanderzee said. “It fits the capabilities of what we require to expand upon our services.” Based in Victoria, Adtech Contracting is a telecommunications and infrastructure construction company. With a focus on expanding its services across the HDD space, the company looked to TRACTO Australia.

“This is our second drill we’ve bought from TRACTO, with our first being the GRUNDODRILL 4x,” Vanderzee said. “It enables us to take on larger drilling jobs, like the one we’re doing currently in Seymour, and opens up the scope to different customers and their requirements. “It also keeps us up to date with the latest trends in the industry.”

Known for its advanced features, the GRUNDODRILL ACS130 masters even the most complex bores quickly and reliably. The rig has 130 kilonewton thrust and pull, 4500 newton metres of torque, along with a powerful 115 kilowatts Cummins engine. Its ‘All Condition System’ also enables steerable drilling in all geologies, including hard rock, through optional use of Elicon jet or twin tube rods.

Equipped with the latest drilling technology, this rig ensures minimal environmental impact and maximum safety, aligning perfectly with Adtech Contracting’s commitment to operational excellence, which is seen on the river crossing project in Seymour. “During the last floods in Victoria, some infrastructure was washed away,” Vanderzee said.

“We’ve put in some telecommunications pipes under a river, and it’s been a bit of a challenge as the first 50 metres have been in mud or clay and then 110m of rock.” Now with the GRUNDODRILL ACS130 acquired, the company can drill into the hard rock with ease. “We’ve had to start the drilling at 20 per cent gradient to get our clearance underneath the riverbed and we’ve had to turn that around again at a 20 per cent incline to get back out again,” Vanderzee said.

TRACTO Australia sales manager Daniel Toms said the collaboration between TRACTO Australia and Adtech Contracting is a testament to the company’s

commitment to providing the best equipment for Australia’s HDD industry. “At TRACTO Australia, we dedicate ourselves to delivering high-quality HDD equipment for our clients,” Toms said.

“We work as more than a supplier and always aim to provide the best after sales support. “This partnership between TRACTO Australia and Adtech Contracting is a testament to our commitment to the industry.” For Vanderzee and Adtech Contracting, that after sales support has been crucial. “Their product support is second to none and they have a very quick turnaround on the unit, if we have any issues, which we haven’t really had,” he said.

“When we need some other drilling equipment like extra rods and so forth, TRACTO consistently works to provide that for us. “If we needed something urgently, it is basically ready the next day to deliver to us here in Victoria.”


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