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A warm welcome to UNITRACC: "Revolutionary Technology Education"

In the course of the progression of digital technology and an increased demand for flexibility, and finally, fundamental changes due to the pandemic, e-learning has proven to provide effective access to – not only – engineering knowledge. Moreover, underground construction with practical applications in pipeline planning, design and construction, operation, management, rehabilitation, etc., is a constantly evolving and further developing field that requires effective knowledge transfer.

Published technical books by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein and Stein & Partner [Source: visaplan GmbH]

With the transition into the new millennium, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH (https://stein.de/) and its subsidiary visaplan GmbH (https://visaplan.com/) pioneered the development and application of online education options in their area of expertise. The work of these two companies  was crucial in initiating, accompanying, and shaping the development of O&M and rehabilitation in the water sector and trenchless technologies based on lessons learned from R&D (Research & Development) projects, expert reports, studies, standardisation work and numerous engineering projects. This knowledge was published in a wide range of technical books and therefore already available in the form of academic literature.

At the time, visaplan had already established itself as a leader in the field of technical 3D visualisation and in the development of didactic concepts for computer-based training (CBT) applications.

Examples of technical 3D visualisations in the field of pipeline construction [Source: visaplan GmbH]

Extensive funding from the Federal Government of Germany provided the financial means to develop UNITRACC with the skills of both companies. In 2003, the Underground Infrastructure Training and Competence Centre (UNITRACC) went online. Shortly afterwards, UNITRACC received several awards, including the European E-Learning Award in various categories.

Since then, the content of UNITRACC has continuously been developed, expanded, and updated, especially based on practical experience and current developments in the sector. The know-how is being provided by a team of experts at STEIN Ingenieure GmbH (https://www.stein-ingenieure.com), consisting of planners and structural, geotechnical, hydraulic, and environmental engineers, many of whom are involved in standards and regulatory committees.

UNITRACC Service Spectrum [Source: visaplan GmbH]

Today, UNITRACC offers highly specialised engineering knowledge in the fields of planning, construction, operation and maintenance, rehabilitation, and management of water and wastewater infrastructure networks. All content is didactically prepared and elaborately visualised, ensuring intuitive learning. UNITRACC goes beyond being just an e-learning platform as it provides technical knowledge through various mediums such as technical literature, construction site documentation, modules, and courses. We consider UNITRACC to be a comprehensive knowledge platform that assists engineers and technicians in efficiently and enjoyably solving complex daily tasks, available to them 24/7.

UNITRACC accompanies and facilitates your personal career and qualification path [Source: visaplan GmbH]

With more than 30,000 graphics and visualisations, and over 50 modules, UNITRACC is currently the world's largest knowledge platform in this field.

The quality of our water and wastewater infrastructure will play a crucial role determining  the livability and sustainability of our cities in the future. UNITRACC.com serves as a valuable resource for mastering and influencing this future, while also providing guidance for shaping your professional career in a forward-thinking manner.

Join us and explore the vast world of underground infrastructure!

Yours, Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein

(Managing Director of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH and visaplan GmbH)

Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein is an international industry leader in underground infrastructure technologies, who in the mid-1990s identified the need for pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation training using computer animation and interactive illustrations. Since then, UNITRACC has expanded and is now the most extensive and high-traffic internet platform for pipeline construction, rehabilitation, and management. Robert Stein is the author of the reference book Wertermittlung von Abwassernetzen (Asset Valuation of Sewer Networks), Trenchless Technology for Installation of Cables and Pipelines - 2nd Volume: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), of the chapter on pipe jacking works (ATV DIN 18319) and co-author of the 4th edition of the international bestseller Instandhaltung von Kanalisationen (Rehabilitation of Drain and Sewer Systems). He has published over 100 articles and studies.

For more information on Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein, please see his curriculum vitae.

Contact: info@unitracc.de

The History of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner

The engineering company for pipeline installation, rehabilitation, and maintenance Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH was founded in 1993 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Stein. On an international level, Dietrich Stein and members of his staff set standards for and shaped the future of the trenchless rehabilitation industry by conducting research projects, expert opinions, studies, standards work, and more than 3,000 engineering projects. Extensive work and a long tradition of expertise result in a unique reputation as a solution provider for all issues of underground pipeline construction and pipeline maintenance.

A detailed description can be found at STEIN-Ingenieure.com and STEIN-ism.com.