Asset Training: Paving the way in safety

Jul 21, 2022

Aqua Assets subsidiary Asset Training is dedicated to providing training in water and waste management and industrial maintenance services.

Initially intended to train and develop internal staff to ensure best practices, industry-leading safety procedures, and the workforce were  appropriately educated, the company quickly recognised there was an opportunity to provide this same level of understanding to the wider industry regarding the importance of proper qualification. 

Business Development Manager & qualified trainer and assessor Chris McCarthy says the company realised there was a real need for training to be completed across the industry, not just internally, leading to the development and expansion of Asset Training. As leaders in training solutions for both individuals and businesses, Asset Training provides training and assessment services for new trades, up-skilling and refresher courses.Operating since 2006, the registered training organisation (RTO) primarily focuses on work safety, backed by vocational educators who are passionate about the level of instruction they provide.

For more than 15 years, Asset Training has continued to grow its portfolio of industry-specific trainers who collectively have close to 80 years of combined industry experience. The company’s core courses relate to the industrial maintenance and wastewater services, including: operate a high-pressure water jetting system, and operate a high-pressure drain cleaning system and CCTV pipeline inspections. 

Chris says Asset Training also offer courses which complement the water, waste management and industrial maintenance service industry, such as: operate a vacuum loading system, wider safety training including working in a confined space, working at heights, breathing apparatuses, first aid and gas test atmosphere training.

“We try to be an end-to-end service for our industry in providing training. 

We’re also trying to pave the way for delivery of that training,” he says.

Asset Training produced two of Australia’s first online refresher courses for drain cleaning and for high-pressure water jetting, one of which it won a Hunter Safety Award for in 2019. Refresher training is required by industry, and the training offered by Asset Training is nationally recognised, up-to-date, and of the highest quality. While COVID-19 has restricted many industrial maintenance businesses from accessing the training they require, Asset Training has adapted its curriculum to help operators maintain their nationally accredited compliance standing remotely. Chris says it has been a real opportunity for the company to be at the forefront of industry safety training in Australia.

“We’re strategically looking at ways we can develop our delivery methods to be accessible for everyone, irrespective of locality,” he says.

The training comprises both theoretical and practical components with the theory including online quizzes with downloadable learning materials.

“We want to make sure every student’s experience is positive but still productive and proactive to their learning,” says McCarthy.

The fit-for-purpose training centre, based in Newcastle, NSW, is fully equipped to provide nationally recognised training in CCTV pipeline inspection, high-pressure water jetting, vacuum loading, drain cleaning, work safely at heights, confined space, first aid, CPR and many more. Asset Training also provides training interstate, with trainers travelling Australia-wide to  provide industrial training courses for its customers.  Asset Training expects water utilities and pipeline maintenance companies, plumbers, and local councils will greatly benefit from the new level of accessibility offered by these courses. Chris says the company looks forward to attending No-Dig Down Under in March, providing a great networking opportunity as well as a chance to educate the industry.

“We will be giving people an insight into our online refresher training, as with our two main courses it’s a requirement that you must be refreshed in them every two years,” he says.

“We’re eager to attend and continue to lead the way in work, health and safety training.” 

Chris says providing safe work training will continue to be its primary focus moving forward, with high hopes for the future. 

“It’s really exciting because the company is moving quickly, and it’s something we hope to impart on the industry,” he says.

“Making sure we’re growing and identifying opportunities for us to be better is really important to us, as well as being able to help others within the industry to realise their needs and goals.”



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