Benefits of Plastic Pipes Summarised in New TEPPFA Brochure

May 31, 2022

Plastic pipe systems have become the preferred choice of architects, contractors and specifiers throughout Europe due to their many benefits, both inside the home, office or factory and above and below the ground.

Now a new brochure has been released by TEPPFA which explains why plastic pipe systems have become so popular and introduces the numerous advantages of using them to those in the utilities, plumbing and construction sectors. There are several independent studies referenced in the brochure to support the positive facts about plastic pipes.

Flexibility is a key benefit

Key benefits of these highly adaptable and innovative plastic pipe systems include flexibility, to accommodate ground movement for utility pipes and to ease fitting for applications such as underfloor heating and plumbing. Plastic pipe systems have been proven to withstand extreme ground movements such as earthquakes and to continue to provide essential water, waste and other services.

75 per cent fewer leaks

Their longer lengths also ensure a smooth frictionless flow and reduce the number of joints required, a huge advantage for long-term underground installations. Joints are often where infiltration into pipe systems or exfiltration occurs and studies have shown that plastic pipe systems experience 75 per cent fewer leaks than rigid pipe systems.

Excellent sustainable credentials

Along with many design options, such as those improving off-site modular construction, plastic pipes have a long service life and are able to be recycled into new plastic pipes or other equally long-lasting products, proof of their sustainability credentials. They are already proving ideal for flood prevention schemes and surface water drainage systems in both domestic and industrial environments all over Europe.


Ludo Debever, TEPPFA General Manager: “Plastics are an amazing sustainable material for pipes, well advanced on delivering on Europe’s Green Deal. With their almost endless innovative designs they are a highly effective solution to overcome some of today’s major challenges related to drinking water, sanitation and adverse impact from heavy rainfall and flooding. The new brochure provides a concise summary of the benefits of plastic pipe systems, both to reassure those already using them and to encourage those new to plastic pipes to embrace their tremendous performance potential.”

Download a copy of TEPPFA's new brochure.




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