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May 22, 2024

Vertiliner is reshaping the landscape of sustainable water management with an independent structural solution for maintenance holes and chamber rehabilitation.

The challenges faced by water authorities in renewing aging pipe infrastructure are significant. Maintenance holes and chambers are the access point to these underground networks for assessment and repair, so maintenance to keep these shafts operational and safe is critical. To meet these challenges, Pipe Core provides an innovative UV CIPP lining technology.

Vertiliner®, a patented, trademarked method offers a seamless, independently structural lining solution for partly or fully deteriorated shafts.

This no-dig rehabilitation method has a track record of over 10,000 installations globally for manholes, shafts and pumping stations.

In Australia, Greater Western Water in Victoria used the product to rehabilitate 14 fully deteriorated sewer manholes. Made of high-quality glass reinforced plastic (GRP) liner, Vertiliner is a seamless tube, impregnated with a synthetic resin that is inserted into a shaft and cured using advanced UV-light technology.

The result is a durable, water-tight, structural GRP shaft cured in place of the existing shaft structure. Independently certified designs are available for standard manhole configurations up to 10m depth. Specific designs can be produced for chambers and structures of all shapes up to an equivalent diameter of 2 metres and up to 30 metres deep.

“These liners are a great option where an independent structural liner is required”, Pipe Core technical manager Sergej Fast said. “With a high resistance to chemicals and temperature, Vertiliner is ideal for industrial applications and locations susceptible to corrosion.” Fast said that Vertiliner is part of Pipe Core’s end-to-end rehabilitation solutions.

This comprehensive range covers solutions for in-house drains, house connections, main sewers, storm water pipes, and pressure applications. Coupled with Pipe Core’s unique service offerings including project support, training, accreditation, equipment and product specification, servicing, and more, customers have access to a complete package for their project needs. The entire installation of a Vertiliner, right up to the finished operational shaft, takes place within a few hours with no dewatering in the main channel necessary. Watch an installation of a Vertiliner below.

Unlike other vertical rehabilitation systems, Vertiliner is not a coating but a fully structural tailored lining system that does not rely on the integrity of the existing shaft to be installed successfully. Although Vertiliner can be tailor-made for standard shafts, square shafts and shafts that change their cross-sectional shape without compromise, Vertiliner has developed a range of standard design liners that are impregnated and ready for installation. Vertiliner also has the ‘XR’ line available – a new maintenance hole rehabilitation solution developed for deeper installs and higher design requirements.

Vertiliner XR is the only product on the market with additional integrated glass layers or ‘ribs’ that are built into the liner at the point of manufacturing to meet the design requirements and provide extra strength at weaker points throughout the length of the shaft.


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