HDD tooling that gets the job done

Apr 22, 2024

Horizontal directional drilling is a dynamic process that constantly changes and adapts to suit a range of applications across utilities and infrastructure. Operators looking to get the most from their equipment need to partner with suppliers that offer the best.

Selecting the right horizontal directional drilling (HDD) tooling is a critical step in the HDD process, with incorrect choices costing valuable time and increasing the likelihood of errors and project delays. From drill rods and connection options, to housing, vise jaws and rod wipers – contractors that want to secure the best results for their projects ensure they employ the best equipment on the market. Jobs change and sometimes the unexpected happens. At such times, contractors need tooling to help them adapt immediately.

The latest in HDD tooling

In line with its commitment to providing customers with the latest innovations in HDD equipment, Vermeer’s Ultra X3 drilling system is a unique, non-torqued spline connection system, offering compatibility with a wide range of pilot bit and pullback configurations. The needs of tomorrow’s job sites are quickly evolving, the need to do more with less.

Vermeer’s Ultra X3 drilling system’s interchangeable pilot and pullback tooling puts it miles ahead of the competition. The system has the ability to ream directly off the transmitter housing and can eliminate the expense of starter rods and adapters in certain applications. Specifically designed for utility-sized rigs digging in most ground conditions, the drilling system improves the operator’s ability to move from one drill to another and maintain familiarity with the HDD tooling.

The Ultra X3 has a strong spline connection capable of handling the torque of reaming diameters up to 12 inches (30cm) directly off the transmitter housing in most conditions. This versatile housing unit comes in three sizes and is available for rigs up to 40,000 pounds (18,143kg).

The Ultra X3 Drilling System reduces the size of the exit pit required for jobs – thus removing the time required to dig an exit pit, reducing disruption and rehabilitation of exit pits – optimising jobsite efficiency and further adding to its ingenuity. Since the Ultra X3 doesn’t require the housing be removed for most pullbacks, HDD crews can change over from pilot to pullback in a smaller space with less repetitive lifting. No specialist tooling required, simply remove two high capacity dowl pins and change the tooling.

Experts in tooling

Offering in-depth knowledge and expertise, Vermeer HDD tooling specialists are available at local dealerships and can give customers the lowdown on what’s going on with their machines, the ground conditions, their mud mix or the tooling they need to complete the next job. It is important to the company that the parts and pieces of HDD tooling produced meet high standards. As such, Vermeer is one of the only manufacturers in the industry to invest in not only building its own metallurgy lab but also staffing it with experienced metallurgists.

Vermeer Australia prides itself on its informed and experienced team of experts, and its tooling specialists are no exception, with a focus on tooling and a commitment to working with customers to help them select the most suitable tooling for ground conditions, drill size and type, and other considerations.


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