How Inflow and Infiltration Impacts Sewer

Jun 15, 2022

Inflow and infiltration is an ongoing challenge in every collection system. And it's more than a buzzword: The cost of excessive flow can take a big bite out of community resources.

Collection systems are designed to carry a set amount of wastewater, and when flow exceeds that amount, it can lead to severe structural and environmental damage.

Identifying sources of I&I and mitigating excessive flow is no small job, but it’s crucial to a healthy sewer system.

Our new, FREE poster helps you and your team stay on top of major sources of I&I. Whether you're training new crew members or keeping seasoned pros on track under increasing regulatory requirements, it's an easy reference to share in your truck, shop or office.


The free poster "What cuases I&I?" illustrates common sources of I&I and explains the challenges associated with it.



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