InfoTiles to advance data-driven power generation solution

May 14, 2024

Norwegian digital analytics company, InfoTiles, known for its innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in water and wastewater management, is extending its expertise to develop data-driven advancements in the energy sector.

The collaboration with Norwegian energy company Lnett will develop a minimum viable product (MVP) by summer 2024. It involves developing an analytical tool to provide efficient and rapid decision-making support to develop Lnett’s power grids.

The tool must function effectively while remaining open to further development and refinement in the future. Lnett aims to develop a solution that can define, calculate, and analyse various grid alternatives using large amounts of data beyond the capabilities of manual methods. This includes analysing parameters such as electricity demand forecasts, investment costs, operational conditions, and geographical data.

Sondre Lilledrange, project manager at Lnett said, "Lnett requires an innovative solution that consolidates and analyses various types of data to make informed decisions when selecting options for the future development of the power grid.

“We are now building more power grids in the next 10-15 years than we have in the previous 100 years, therefore the choices made today are crucial for our customers." InfoTiles has already made significant progress in digitally transforming the water sector across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and the UK. Leveraging AI, InfoTiles has streamlined water and wastewater network management processes to deliver data analysis in minutes, rather than months. InfoTiles is well placed to take on challenges in the energy sector as water and energy are inextricably linked via the water-energy nexus.

This is the observation that energy use plays a vital role in water management; from the production and transportation of potable water to the collection and treatment of wastewater. Conversely, all forms of energy production rely on water use too.

ohnny Alexander Gunneng, chief executive and founder of InfoTiles said, "It means a lot to InfoTiles to have the opportunity to work with Lnett and to demonstrate how the InfoTiles technology can be applied to the energy sector and be a universally applicable solution to all utility related challenges."

InfoTiles has been chosen as the collaborative partner through the StartOff project initiated by Lnett in December 2023. As a state-funded initiative, the collaboration has been allocated NOK600,000, roughly £45,000, for the project. StartOff’s objective is to assist startups or companies in the early stages of product development to meet the evolving needs of the public sector and to offer guidance and project assistance throughout the process.

Trond Winther, chief executive of Lnett said, “Emphasising the importance of collaboration and digitalisation in the energy sector is crucial as energy systems become increasingly complex, with decentralisation, electrification, and future flexibility markets shaping its trajectory. “To connect more customers, better utilise existing power grids, and ensure a stable power supply in the future, we must increase collaboration and digitalisation in the industry. As one of exciting research and development projects, we have high expectations with InfoTiles.”


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