NordiTube presents comprehensive product portfolio at No-Dig Down Under

Jul 22, 2022

NordiTube Technologies has established a global position as a technology provider for trenchless pipe rehabilitation systems.

This form of technology has been pivotal for pressure applications like potable water and gas and has been producing CIPP liners for more than 35 years with its  production sites in Belgium and Spain. 

A rehabilitation solution for all kinds of pipes 

In the 1980s, the first pressure pipe rehabilitation technology, the Phoenix System, was developed in Japan. The system had been designed to reduce the damages to  pipes during earthquakes.

Shortly after, Norditube developed the Phoenix system further to match with Tubetex liner European water and gas pipe network´s standards.

New products followed, like the fully structural Nordiflow pressure system, the Nordiwall gravity system, the r-tec CloseFit PE Pipe system in cooperation with a leading manufacturer for industrial hoses 5ELEM, the IH liner for long transmission pipelines.

Pipe networks have to be designed for individual project requirements, which define the pipes´ dimensions, materials and technical standards. It is sometimes not easy for pipeline operators,  to keep an overview of the possible rehabilitation systems for those pipes. As Part of the RTi International Pipeline Construction group, NordiTube supports the operators to identify the right product and to design the projects.

NORDIFLOW – the fully structural and indepent Class A pressure liner  

NORDIFLOW products are used since more than 20 years for: 

  •  Potable water pipes.
  •  Industrial pressure pipes.
  • Sewer pressure / rising mains.

The cured NORDIFLOW liner is considered a fully structural CIPP system that can be designed to resists not only the internal pressure but also external loads and negative pressure. The system is classified as “Class A” according to ISO 11295. 

TUBETEX –  the seamless fabric Class C pressure liner  

TUBETEX has established itself worldwide as a cost-effective solution for pressure pipe rehabilitation. The TUBETEX system is an interactive system relying on adhesion with the host pipe and is classified as “Class C” according to ISO 11295. A significant advantage, especially for repair and service works, is an easy and safe re-connection to the existing pipe network. TUBETEX have been used for more than 35 years for:  

  • Potable water pipes.
  • Industrial pressure pipes. 
  • Gas and Oil pipes.

IH Liner

The IH liner is an inserted-hose according to ISO 11295 and is rated as an independent pressure liner. 

The inner layer of the liner is selected depending on the transported medium, gas, oil, steam or water. The liner has the US NSF drinking water certificate. The middle layer is designed to provide high flexibility and high-pressure resistance.The outer cover protects the fiber reinforced layer and prevents the liner from elongation or shrinking. 

The diameter range from DN 50 up to DN 1200, and the long potential insertion length of up to 5 km in one pull, in combination with the IH-Liner- Connectors provide economical rehabilitation solutions for most of the existing transmission pipelines.  

Cooperation TDM pipeline solutions & NORDITUBE

In the lead-up to the No-Dig 2022, TDM Pipeline Solutions and NORDITUBE entered in a partnership to expand the product portfolio for NORDITUBE’s technologies in Australasia. The local TDM representations and services will be a perfect complement to the global NORDITUBE partner network, 

As a first step, TDM and NORDITUBE will concentrate on entering the Australian market with liner products for gravity pipes and drinking water. For the future, TDM and NORDITUBE are ready to support gas pipe upgrade projects and the mining industry as well. 

TDM Pipeline Solutions is a division of TDM Group Australia along with other entities / divisions including The Drain Man and TDM Traffic Management, with operations in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. 

TDM Pipeline Solutions specialises in commercial, industrial and network services working most prominently with civil infrastructure, water utilities and local government markets. 

Triple certified to ISO 45001 (Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) TDM Pipeline Solutions provides services that include CCTV pit & pipeline inspections, drain cleaning, CIPP relining, sectional pipe repairs / patches, top hat & junction relining and robotic cutting.




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