Redefining relining in Wodonga

May 06, 2024

In a step towards enhancing stormwater infrastructure, M. Tucker & Sons recently completed a challenging relining project for the Wodonga City Council.

The relining project, commissioned by the Wodonga City Council in Victoria, aimed to rehabilitate an ageing stormwater line. The asset in question was deteriorating, and compromised by signifigant tree roots to such a state that all previous efforts by other parties had failed to address the issue. As such presenting potential risks to public health and the environment.

M. Tucker & Sons’ experience and enginuity was crucial in ensuring the seamless execution of the project. Specifically, the company mobilised a Melbourne based team to remove the roots and other hard intusions, followed by the installation of 98l/m of IMPREG DN225 GRP liner, to structurally rehabilitate the asset and guarantee its service life, free from roots and further damages for the next 100 years.

This undertaking not only showcased the company’s expertise, but also highlighted its commitment to delivering solutions in demanding environments. “In addition to 4000psi water cutting robotic works to remove the root knuckles at joints, some larger displacements were also robotically re-shaped to ensure minimum disruption to the hydraulic performance of the line as these joint joints were unable to be dug up and re-aligned,” M. Tucker & Sons trenchless supervisor Matt Kershaw said.

Within the fully deteriorated asset, navigating the complex nature of the large displacements and intrusions, the job required meticulous planning and execution to ensure the relining process was carried out effectively. Despite the complexity of the challenges, the company showcased its suite of services tailored to suit the clients budget and scenario, resulting in a plan of action that was definitive and cost effective, with no open cut works to reinstate.

“The asset was prepared in the days prior to installation which included CCTV, drain cleaning, robotic concrete grinding works and high pressure water cutting to ensure the smoothest possible process during installation,” Kershaw said.

“The liner was installed and 11 property connections reinstated, returning the drain to a structurally sound state and extending its serviceable design life for another 100 years” The large taproots were the most challenging aspect, according to Kershaw, as they exceeded the limitations for plain root cutting or any basic cleaning nozzles. “Using our high pressure water cutting technology on the cutter system, allowed us to position a robotic crawler at the defect and cut very precisely with a high-pressure water nozzle,” Kershaw said. “By utlitising this methodology you can target the areas you need to address and monitor progress in realtime on the screen in the van.”

Despite encountering unforeseen obstacles, M. Tucker & Sons’ team remained agile to keep the project on track. This included effective communication and collaboration with the Wodonga City Council, which played a crucial role, according to Kershaw. “The initial site appraisal meeting and communication throughout the whole project was key, including CCTV inspections in the site appraisal,” Kershaw said.

“This allows our teams to gain clarity on the requirement of the project and we are able to in turn pass that clarity on to the client when discussing the project and setting timeline expectations.“

It is crucial to keep the client informed as works progresses, not only so as they can address stakeholder enquiries, and track progress against construction programs, but it also gave the council the confidence that we could and would deliver what we promised.” Now, the rehabilitated stormwater line is poised to serve the community reliably for years to come, ensuring the continued sustainability of Wodonga’s infrastructure.

This successful relining project is a testament to M. Tucker & Sons’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of civil and trenchless solutions and the industry as a whole. Through delivering the project, the company has not only strengthened stormwater infrastructure, but also contributed to the sustainability of the community it serves.


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