Sewer cleaning just got easier

Feb 08, 2023

Drainchem is the provider of StoneAge Tools’ cutting-edge nozzle range – the Magnum series.

StoneAge Tools, the makers of one of the world’s best sewer jetting tools, have developed a high-spec nozzle range called the Magnum series. 

The series showcases a number of key features including: 

  • ½-inch to 1-1/4-inch inlet options.
  • Suitable for recycled water.
  • Increased service life of 1600 hours between seal change.
  • Suitable for 150-900 mm pipe (depending on pump capacity).
  • Operating pressures from 83-345 bar.
  • Operating flows from 50– 450 lpm.
  • Reduces toilet blow outs.
  • Increased pulling power and cleaning power.
Versatile and powerful

The Warthog Magnum Switcher head is two powerful tools in one. The most significant design change from the classic model is that the Switcher has two sets of jets that operate independently. 

One set of jets has one forward and several rear jets (the number of which depends on flow and pressure of the operator’s jetter) and is used to jet up the line, punch through the blockage and reach the upstream manhole. 

This angle change increases the thrust or pull of the nozzle when jetting up the pipe, allowing operators to reduce flow and pressure while jetting up the pipe. Doing so reduces the likelihood of breaking a water seal at the house or blowing the toilet. 

If the grade is very steep or a very long run, then increasing the pump speed will deliver much more power.

Once the nozzle reaches the upstream manhole the operator simply reduces the water pressure to below 500 psi and then increases the pressure back to operating pressure. The Switcher will change the direction of water flow from the front and rear jets to the side cleaning jets.

The angle of the cleaning jets is just below 90 degrees which, along with a much shorter distance of travel from the nozzle to the pipe, increases impact pressure on the debris in the pipe and hugely increases cleaning power.

Easy to use

The operator can easily tell if the Switcher is in jetting mode or cleaning mode, as it will not propel up the pipe if it is in cleaning mode. In jetting mode, the hose will pull strongly, allowing the Switcher to be used easy and intuitively.

The Switcher will clean faster – only one pass is required for a total clean. Drainchem states this results in less water usage, reduced cleaning time, fuel consumption and cost, less wear and tear on valuable jetting equipment, and less wage costs and, more productivity.

The Warthog Switcher tools are one of the most flexible controlled rotation sewer cleaning nozzles on the market. The Switcher is designed to successfully remove obstructions in pipes ranging from 150-900 mm and to be used with at flows from 50-450 lpm. The product also features a range of hose connections in ½-inch to 1-1/4-inch.

As two tools in one, the Switcher is the only tool a sewer jetting truck needs. Drainchem can assist customers in increasing cleaning power without the expense of purchasing a bigger truck.

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