Spotlight on gender diversity at Pipe Core

Apr 15, 2024

Since founding in 2008, Pipe Core’s team has grown across all areas of the business and is now in a position where there are more females than males across the organisation. Research published in Harvard Business Review found that “countries and industries that view gender diversity as important, capture benefits from it and those that don’t, don’t.”

Pipe Core has expanded exponentially since it was founded in 2008. Alongside its growth in high-quality CIPP materials and equipment, the team has also grown across all areas of the business. The business has experienced natural growth, with a higher representation of females compared to males and is now in a notable position of more than 50 per cent females in the team.

Pipe Core’s chief executive officer Jason Marshall agreed with the research. “Gathering a diverse array of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences enriches the decision-making process, leading to more comprehensive and balanced outcomes,” Marshall said. “Having witnessed Pipe Core in action in the lead-up to my appointment as chief executive officer, I was impressed to see a wide range of skills being applied in all areas of the business.” Pipe Core trade sales supervisor Brittany Rawiri tackles a range of physical and administrative tasks, which she says she “feels empowered and capable of performing”.

“The balance between genders wasn’t a driving force behind my decision to take the job however, I am grateful to be working for an employer that truly values diversity,” she said. In a small business that promotes a full-service offering to its customers, Pipe Core equips its staff with the tools to give them the confidence to carry out their duties. “I was keen to complete my forklift training on commencement of my role to ensure I was contributing equally to the operations of our warehouse in Port Melbourne,” trade sale support Madeline Galbraith said.

“I was also grateful for the hands-on training and skill development that would allow me to work closely with our customers who were interested in seeing our impressive drain cleaning and relining equipment in action.” To support Pipe Core’s growth, Pipe Core welcomed business development manager Katharina Helming from SAERTEX multiCom® in 2023.

Helming attests to the unique environment at Pipe Core, one of the many reasons that has seen her commit to another year in Australia working alongside the team.

“I have never had a problem working in a male-dominated industry and have always been treated respectfully, however, I am pleased to have witnessed an increase in females at industry-related tradeshow events around the world, as well as at SAERTEX multiCom® headquarters since I started in 2017,” Helming said. Pipe Core is fostering an inclusive workforce with high employee satisfaction and retention. “Pipe Core is excited to evolve with an empowered and diverse team willing to contribute,” Marshall said.


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