Voeu leading water research across five streams

Apr 26, 2023

Voeu, a leading water sector commercial advisory and consulting practice, continues to invest in water industry research. With its Five Stream Project, the company is delivering unparalleled insights for organisational benchmarking.

The Five Streams Project research focuses on asset identification, operational performance, and financial indicators.

The industry will be divided into five streams: wastewater, potable water, recycled water, stormwater, and drainage culverts.

Its goal is to provide a holistic perspective on the industry. It uses new information to complement existing data from government agencies, regulatory bodies, and industry associations.

The Five Streams Project is a privately funded research initiative. It aims to comprehensively analyse assets within the water sector.

This investment aligns with the company’s core areas of expertise: commercial consulting, industry research, and board advisory.

This research aims to deliver unparalleled insights for organisational benchmarking. It can also be used as a foundation for investment in innovation, technology, and resources to drive the growth of the water sector.

“The Five Streams project will provide valuable insights on previously unexplored aspects of the water sector,”  said principal consultant at Voeu Jason Marshall.

To do so, it offers critical benefits for stakeholders in the water sector. The comprehensive nature of the analysis will provide a detailed understanding of the industry, including identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

This information will be helpful for organisations looking to optimise their operations and improve performance.

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