Water efficiency: Saving water, money and the environment

Sep 15, 2022

Urgent action is needed from water companies due to the combined pressures of increasing consumption and climate change, which is exacerbating supply and demand imbalances in parts of the country.

Tackling leakage and encouraging lower consumption by customers is key to increasing the UK’s water supply resilience.

Despite leakage being at its lowest levels ever, the water industry has committed to further reducing leakage by 50% by 2050 – a target that requires the pace of leakage reduction to triple over the current rate. This accelerated effort will save almost a billion litres of water per day by 2030.

Water companies are also striving to make headway in engaging their customers on water efficiency through a range of mediums and tools. But are they doing enough?

Utility Week has partnered with Capita to produce this report which considers the efforts being made by water companies, covering key topics including:

  • The current regulatory and statutory landscape for water efficiency
  • Whether water companies are doing enough and focusing on the right areas to achieve demand reduction
  • How water companies are engaging with consumers


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