Monitoring Technology Guide Launched by British Water

Oct 03, 2022

A live guide to drinking water and wastewater monitoring technology and services has been launched by industry trade association British Water. The web-based document includes clear definitions of monitoring components, parameters and the monitoring requirements of different applications, along with direct links to suppliers able to provide suitable equipment.

Effective water and gas monitoring is essential to ensure safe and efficient water and wastewater treatment and transport from source to tap. Water utilities and industrial water users are mandated to demonstrate compliance with public health guidelines and environmental consents and monitoring equipment and services make this possible.

The British Water Guide: Monitoring Products & Services 2019 outlines many of the issues impacting clean water, wastewater and the water environment and includes 30 parameters for water monitoring and 10 gases with a monitoring requirement. Direct links to the standards and regulations impacting on the sector are provided.

A working group from British Water’s Real-Time Monitoring Focus Group produced the document and convenor Joanna Kelsey, who is also principal consultant at Stantec, said,

“We are witnessing a step-change in the way utilities and other stakeholders use data in their operations and a new generation of monitoring technologies is emerging which will have a big role to play. A lot of hard work has gone into this guide, which will make it much easier for engineers and other industry professionals to quickly identify the solutions available in this rapidly changing market.”

Dr Mar Batista, technical manager, British Water said, “Effective regulation of the water industry protects the environment and keeps populations healthy. It depends on accurate, robust data provided by a wide range of monitoring equipment. I’m delighted that British Water members have worked together to produce this important tool. Users can quickly identify manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for a wide range of parameters and it will soon become a go-to resource for the whole sector.”

Simon Dawe, sales manager, Metasphere, led the project. He said, “The monitoring guide is the result of close collaboration between solution providers and with the support of utilities, consultants and other stakeholders. This document means that anyone requiring monitoring equipment and services is much better informed when they go to market. British Water has been the driving force in getting everyone together and I’d like to thank the team there for their enthusiasm for this project.”

The companies collaborating on the monitoring guide are ABB, Metasphere, Modern Water, Hydro International, Partech and Radio Data Network.



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