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The legal notice applies for the following internet presence with the following addresses:,

Responsible under the provision of media and press laws & TMG:
Service Provider: visaplan GmbH
Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein (Geschäftsführer)
Adress: Konrad-Zuse-Str. 6, 44801 Bochum, Germany
Phone: +49 234 5167-0, Fax: +49 234 5167-109
Court of jurisdiction: District court Bochum (Amtsgericht Bochum)
VAT Identification Number: DE193887210
Tax Number: 350 5732 0213
Register No: HRB 6000
Responsible as regards content: Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein (address as above)

Editorial / Redaktion

visaplan GmbH
Konrad-Zuse-Str. 6
44801 Bochum

Exclusion of Liability

Contents of the provided Online-Service
All offered contents are only for your information. No responsibility is taken for the correctness, completeness, quality and update level of all topics and the whole content within this internet presentation. Liability claims, which are based on material or ideational damages are explicitly excluded. This also applies when the damages or losses were caused by use or misuse of the offered information, or by use of incorrect and uncompleted information. The author explicitly reserves the right to change parts of the internet pages or even the whole information contents without notification. This right also includes the author´s right to delete, add to and to suspend or stop the publishing of the contents completely. Every provider of content within this platform is solely responsible for the topics, this includes independent facilities, legal and natural persons and registered users at UNITRACC.

Links to 3rd Party Internet-Pages

Despite very careful control of the content we do not accept any form of liability concerning the contents of external links. The provider of contents within the internet has the complete editorial responsibility for the contents, this especially applies to the responsibility and liability for maintenance of the law for the protection of the youth and the data privacy laws. This also includes the links of third parties on these homepages - the providers of these internet pages are also solely responsible for their content. The assignment of responsibility also applies to all links and references, external articles within business listings, discussion forums, news and article areas, training courses and contents, calendars, and mailing-lists. The information provider is solely liable for any damage caused by use or misuse of the offered information and also for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents.

Copyright and Trademark Rights

All information and the complete content provided by UNITRACC, such as documents, data in form of contents, pictures, graphics, software codes, is copyrighted. Should the use of such elements exceed the conditions of normal use without authorization, then one needs prior authorization. We explicitly point out that the provided content is not freely accessible and is protected by copyright. The user is responsible for acting within the law provisions and can be held responsible in the case of violation.
The authors always acts within thy copyright when using and publishing graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts.
The whole content mentioned within the internet service as well as trademarks - protected by 3rd parties - are subject to the terms of the valid trademark legislation and the legal ownership of the registered owners. Even if trademarks are merely mentioned, one cannot draw the conclusion, that they are not protected by a third parties copyright.
The author´s copyright concerning self-provided created elements always remains with the author. Duplication of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in the form of printed or electronic publications is strictly forbidden, except the author has given the user his approval to do so.

Legal Effect of this Liability Exclusion

The validity of the terms and formulations of this text are not affected if some terms, formulations or parts should be or become effect less or are not conform with valid law.