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May 10, 2024

Australian Custom Pipes no longer needs an introduction. The independent, Australian-owned polyethylene pipe manufacturer has been making waves for more than 20 years.

The company’s quality polyethylene (PE) pipes have supported countless projects around the country and have continually proven to be compatible with trenchless methods of construction. Australian Custom Pipes (ACP) is committed to providing high-quality PE pipe, complemented by dedicated customer service and support.

The company can provide bore pipe in white or orange, in large coils and in lengths up to 20m, or customised to suit any project, helping clients save money by getting more pipes laid each day and minimising waste from off cuts. In addition to a reliable product, ACP always delivers as promised. The company knows how important it is for deliveries to be on time, as nobody wants to keep their crew on standby waiting around for a truck to arrive. ACP keeps its delivery date promises and works closely with clients to coordinate the best outcomes.

A natural trenchless fit

With the rapid take up of solar as the most cost-effective build and generation of power, ACP have been involved in the supply of conduit to major projects in regional Victoria, western New South Wales and southeast Queensland.

During this initial avalanche of solar installations, a major challenge arose in running conduits, as power was coming in from all directions from numerous arrays of panels over a widely spread area. To overcome these issues, the specification moved to trenchless technology, specifically horizontal directional drilling (HDD), to allow conduits to come in and transverse many obstacles on their way to sub stations.

ACP was able to provide a 315mm PE orange conduit in place, capable of handling the heavy-duty cables involved, meeting the UV stability required and with little disruption to the major works underway. ACP has developed all its PE pipes to meet AS2053 for conduit applications. This allows client project works to move away from the older methods (gluing PVC/welding steel pipes) and towards the use of HDPE coils using trenchless options like HDD or pipe bursting. This has been of great benefit when clients are looking to install pipes over great distances and has been particularly beneficial and effective on major projects like airports, subdivisions, highway construction, infrastructure builds involving water, sewer, power, communications, fire, gas, river crossings and more.

Ticking all the boxes

ACP is recognised in the market for cost-competitive quality products and service. The company is dedicated to employing ever-increasing modern machinery and rigid inspections procedures throughout its manufacturing processes to ensure a high standard of accuracy with pipes, fittings, and fabrications. ACP also prides itself on its quick turn-around times, both in customer service and manufacturing, and its products are approved to supply water authorities from Adelaide to Southeast Queensland. These pipes support projects in regional and remote areas, with PE pipes up to 315mm in the colour, stripe, jacket, or even internal jacket to meet all specifications. Even if the required pipe is uncommon or not in stock, ACP is capable of manufacturing and delivering the necessary products in a short timeframe.


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